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Based in Australia, we are a team of committed individuals that believe in promoting on culture through fashion.

We are a small business specialising in the promotion of a culture and lifestyle, achieved with fashion, health and beauty, music and more.  Moreover, our brand is unique in its ambition and is thus capable of piercing the market effectively.

Our products are manufactured with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and we acknowledge our duty to our stakeholders in upholding human rights and environmental safety.


The term ‘Gabru’ stems from the Sanskrit word ‘Garv’, which means pride; and the Arabic word ‘Ruh’, which means spirit/soul/mind.

Therefore, ‘Gabru’ can be interpreted as a proud soul or spirit.

Over time however, the overall semantics of the word have changed and have

developed a connotation relating to pride associated with good looks, youth and


A more deeper meaning of the word ‘Gabru’ can be eloquently described as a

representation of emotions, and the strength, that one experiences in

their youth. Furthermore, 'Gabru' also captures the nostalgia that one

experiences in their old age, reminiscing on their youthful escapades


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